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Reed Organ Harmonium

Older Reed Organ Harmonium in good condition woith a  hand pump.  We would like to find it a good home. 
We are in the San Francisco area.
Estey Pump Organ
I have an Estey Pump Organ made in Brattleboro, VT, serial number 124144, currently in Orinda. The bellows work and it is playable. Asking $100, and the  new owner would be responsible for transportation out of a one-story home and down a few stairs. 

Thank you
Leigh Clevenger
[email protected]

Allen Organ Model 120C
Greetings, my name is Cindy Beck and I am the Interim Pastor at Bethel Lutheran Church in Roseville, CA (just north of Sacramento). 

We have an Allen Organ Model 120C that we no longer use.  We would love for someone to pick it up and use it, whether at home or another venue. 

Thank you and blessings,

Pastor Cindy Beck
[email protected]


WANTED: Grand piano with full sostenuto (middle pedal).

Harold Pavelis

1937 AUSTIN ORGAN, OPUS 2004, 3 manuals, 42 ranks. $649,000 rebuilt and installed.
This iconic “American Classic” pipe organ was designed by Austin’s renowned tonal director, James Jamison, the man credited with initiating the “great reform” in Austin’s tonal design philosophy. Jamison’s leadership transitioned the company out of the early American period of ‘romantic’ tonal design, making the key fundamental change that propelled Austin into the forefront of American Classic organ building.
This organ presents a very special opportunity to acquire an important historical organ, personally designed by the innovator who defined the “American Classic” style of tonal design for the entire industry, for generations to come.

For specifications and additional information please contact :

Hupalo and Repasky PipeOrgans ,SanLeandro
[email protected]